Juneau Symphony

The Juneau Symphony, June 2017. Photo by Kurt Smith.

The mission of the Juneau Symphony is to give local musicians a platform to perform and develop musically, to provide high quality, live symphonic music for the community, and to offer musical opportunities and support for youth.

Youth Solo Competition Winner Kyle Farley-Robison plays Robert Schumann’s Piano Concerto in A Minor

Kyle Farley-Robinson is a 17 year old junior attending Juneau Douglas High School. Kyle says what really drew him to the Schumann Piano Concerto, besides the numerous technical challenges, is it’s wide range of emotions. The Concerto is constantly shifting its character, changing from passages of great tenderness to grandiose exclamations. Despite this, the piece always remains wonderfully musical and is one of his favorite pieces to play.


To hear Kyle come to the Shakespeare in Love concert January 27 and 28.  In addition to Kyle, you will hear various composers’ musical interpretation of the Romeo and Juliette theme.


Shakespeare in Love: January 27-28
Sublime and Sacred: April 7-8
Shaken Not Stirred: The Music of James Bond: June 2-3
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