Executive Director

The Juneau Symphony is accepting applications for Executive Director, a full-time position reporting to the Board of Directors. The position has overall operational responsibility for the Juneau Symphony staff, programs, and overall execution of its mission.

Job Description

Reporting to the Board of Directors, the Executive Director provides leadership to ensure that  the Juneau Symphony fulfills its mission.  The Executive Director is responsible and accountable for day-to-day operations and for implementing the policies set by the Board.

Symphony Mission and Strategy

  • Participates with the Board in developing a long range plan that supports the artistic, financial and public relations objectives of the organization.
  • Responsible for implementation of programs that carry out the mission.
  • Develops and maintains the annual master plan and timeline for orchestra operations, including rehearsal schedules, special concerts and events, marketing, fund raising, and other activities.
  • Share responsibility with the Board for supporting the Symphony’s image, including being active and visible in the community and by working closely with other arts organizations.
  • Work collaboratively with the President and Music Director to accomplish Symphony business and goals.
  • Represents the Symphony at the Juneau Chamber of Commerce and other community organization meetings.

Board Governance

  • Responsible for communicating effectively with the Board and providing information necessary for the Board to function properly and make timely and informed decisions.
  • Advises the Board on matters pertaining to the efficient operation of the organization and recommends innovations and changes to the Board.
  • Participates ex-officio on all Board committees.

Finance and Fund Raising

  • Together with the Board, responsible for the fiscal integrity of the Symphony.
  • Work with the Treasurer and Finance Committee to develop a proposed annual budget.
  • Operate within the approved budget, ensuring best use of resources, and maintaining the organization in a positive financial position.
  • Ensure that accurate books of accounts are maintained; maintain bank accounts as directed by the Board.
  • Maintain Quickbooks and other financial records, tracking income and expenses by source and event.
  • Track accounts receivable and payable; prepare checks for board signatories.
  • Provide the Board with monthly financial statements which accurately reflect the current and overall financial condition of the organization.
  • Perform payroll transactions and reporting; submit required federal tax reports.
  • File necessary reports to maintain 501(c)(3) status.
  • Supports fund raising activities as directed by the Board.
  • Provide logistical support for annual raffle, silent auction and other fund raising events; help solicit donations
  • Track raffle income and expense; submit required reports.
  • Coordinate donor drives.
  • Maintain accurate records of financial and in-kind contributions.
  • Acknowledge all financial and in-kind contributions as required by law and as is otherwise appropriate or directed by the Board.
  • Develops and maintains relationships with Symphony donors.
  • Seeks and applies for grant funding; administers grants.

Operations and Administration

  • Maintains the business office of the organization.
  • Supervise office staff, concert house manager, and volunteers.
  • Maintain organization policies and procedures, files, and records.
  • Maintains documents according to legal requirements and/or Board procedures.
  • Enter into contracts and agreements on behalf of the organization at the direction of the Board.
  • Perform or oversee general office tasks such as correspondence, maintenance of office equipment, answering phones, photocopying.
  • Oversees design and development of the Symphony web site; maintain the web site and other social media sites.
  • Responsible for identifying and carrying out solutions to problems that are within the scope of the Executive Director’s duties and be able to recognize when the problem is beyond the Executive Director’s authority to resolve.
  • Responsible for concert and other event planning and logistics, ticket sales, and house management for both the Juneau Symphony and the Juneau Student Symphony.
  • Develop content and arrange design and printing for concert programs, posters, brochures and other marketing materials.
  • Work with Music Director to plan rehearsal and concert venues; purchase and distribute music to players; arrange travel and housing for visiting players, etc.
  • Set up and manage pre-concert ticket sales, season ticket sales, and distribution of complimentary tickets.
  • Manage front of the house for concerts.
  • Recruits, trains, and manages volunteers to assist in events as needed.

 Questions:  Call the Juneau Symphony office at 907-586-4676

Open until filled.

To apply, please submit your resumé to:

Sarah McNair Grove, President
Juneau Symphony Office
In person: 522 W 10th Street
Or mail to: PO Box 21236, Juneau, AK  99802
Or e-mail to: