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Player Handbook: 2013-2014

Welcome to the Juneau Student Symphony's (JSS) 2013-14 season!

Our mission is to provide the opportunity for qualified musicians of all ages to play in  a full orchestra (made up of strings, percussion, brass and woodwinds) with the aim of beautiful musical performance for the joy of our musicians and our audiences. We are a community orchestra made up of youth and adults.

The aim of the following information is to help us make the music more beautiful. If it makes the musicians' musical life easier, richer or more fun, then these efforts will have been successful.

Table of Contents:

History, Auditions, Reading Rehearsals, Participation in School Music, Rehearsals, Attendance, Practice, Performances, Concert Dress, Tuition, Scholarships and Payment Plans, Donation to Scholarship Fund, Student Vouchers to the Juneau Symphony, University Credit, Music, Volunteer Help, Contacts, Index 


The Juneau Student Symphony was founded in the 1980's by school strings teacher Fred Mayer. Julia Bastuscheck, with the help of the University of Alaska Southeast and Linda Rosenthal, expanded the program and passed it on to Patrick Murphy who handed the baton to Rick Trostel, who has since passed it to Tyree Pini. The ensemble is a full community orchestra made up of musicians of all ages.

Auditions - Contact Tyree Pini (500-8239) for an appointment.

All musicians must audition in order to join the JSS. Those already admitted, and planning to continue to play with the JSS for this coming season, need not audition again.  

Auditions are an opportunity for the director to know the players of the orchestra individually. While placement is at the discretion of the director, the audition is also the student's opportunity to try out the music that has been selected for the year.

During the fifteen minute audition the student will:
1. tune to a reference pitch;
2. play a two to three minute piece of his/her choosing;
3. play excerpts from the JSS literature.  Excerpts are available as printable pdf files:
flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, French horn, trumpet, trombone, tuba, percussion, violin, viola, cello, bass

Are you willing to work on the music to make it more beautiful?  If you can answer that question correctly, you may play with us.  Don't let the audition be a barrier to your participation.  The process is meant to be as relaxed and painless as possible.

Auditions are by appointment on a continuing basis but they close one week before the first rehearsal of any concert cycle. Please contact Tyree Pini, the conductor, at 500-8239. There is an audition fee of $20 which serves as the administrative fee if the student joins the orchestra. Scholarships are generously available.  Please print out an audition excerpts page from the list above and a registration form, fill it out, and bring them to your audition. To Table of Contents

Reading Rehearsals

Reading rehearsals provide two opportunities for a student musician.  First they allow a perspective musian to try out the orchestra to see what a rehearsal is like. Secondly, it provides another opportunity for any musician to play with a group. For many, playing with a group is much more fun than practicing alone.  Everybody in the reading rehearsal will be sight reading easier orchestral litterature and experiencing what a Juneau Student Symphony rehearsal is like.  There will be a number of oportunities for students to try out the orchestra.  Check out our schedule for reading rehearsal times and locations.  To Table of Contents

Participation in School Music

In recognition and respect of the support of the Juneau schools regarding music, the JSS expects that all school-aged musicians will participate in their school's music program as a requirement for participation in JSS.  Exceptions are conceivable but will only be allowed with the written permission of JSS and the student's school music department. To Table of Contents


Most rehearsals will be on Monday evenings at  from 6-8 PM.  The week before the concerts, expect at least one extra rehearsal. Pops concert rehearsals will be every week-night from 6-9 for two weeks prior to our performances.  Please visit the schedule page for specific times and locations of rehearsals.

In addition to full orchestra rehearsals, Sectional rehearsals will be scheduled for Sunday afternoons.  This will be an opportunity for musicians to work on technical issues specific to the instrument with small groups of like instruments.  Please consult the schedule page for specific times and locations.

Our orchestra is a precious musical instrument that requires everybody's commitment to be on time. Rehearsals must begin promptly. Please arrive early enough to set up your stand and music, assemble and warm up your instrument, and organize your music in rehearsal order. Each rehearsal will include at least one short break about half way through the session. We will organize a rotating snack schedule to provide sustenance during the break. To Table of Contents


As part of your commitment to the music and the other musicians, every musician should be at every rehearsal. Our lives are busy, however, and conflicts do occur. If you cannot make a rehearsal, please inform the director (Tyree) in writing, either by email or by handwritten note, and in person either on the phone (500-8239) or at a rehearsal. This will help to plan rehearsals around absences. Make sure that the other members of your section have all of the music they may need in your absence. Ideally, you should provide a substitute: ask a friend to sit in for you.

If you know that you will be missing more than two rehearsals in the rehearsal cycle, please contact the director for approval. An unexcused absence or three absences of any kind during a rehearsal cycle for a concert is grounds for expulsion from the orchestra at the discretion of the director. Tuition will not be refunded. The orchestra provides a commitment to each musician that is just as strong as the collective commitment of each individual. To Table of Contents


In your commitment to make the music more beautiful, you will need to spend some time between every rehearsal practicing the technical problems of the music: fingering, bowing, tonguing, phrasing, dynamics, rhythms. A commitment to practice a little every day is much better than skipping days then making it up.  The conductor will help by giving specific practicing suggestions at each rehearsal. This is an incredible group endeavor that requires each individual's efforts toward perfection. To Table of Contents


Refer to the Season Schedule page.

  To Table of Contents

Concert Dress

Black shoes. Black pants or skirt. Solid, brightly colored shirt or blouse - no graphics. Please make an effort to look as good as you sound. To Table of Contents


Administrative Fee: $20 due once a year at the audition or at the first rehearsal.

Concert Fee: $80 due at the first rehearsal of each concert series.

There is a fee of $20 to audition which is due at the time of the audition. This fee serves as the administrative fee if the student enrolls in one of the Student Symphonies.

Please print out a registration form and fill it out with your tuition and fees payment.  Checks should be made out to the "Juneau Student Symphony".  

Concert Fees will be refunded in full up to the first rehearsal of the concert cycle.  Administrative and Audition Fees are not refundable.  No refunds will be given after the first rehearsal.  Late payments will be assessed a 20% late fee. To Table of Contents

Scholarships and Payment Plans

Money should not be an obstacle to anyone's participation. Fees are based on what is deemed to be reasonable in terms of the value received. If a student can't afford tuition, then we ask that s/he pay what s/he can, though we always ask that s/he pay something. If paying in installments makes tuition easier to pay, we will be happy to set up a payment plan.

Please contact conductor Tyree Pini by email or phone (500-8239) if you would like to arrange a scholarship or payment plan.  Scholarships and/or payment plans must be worked out before the due date.  Any student who has not paid tuition nor worked out a scholarship or payment plan by the due date will be expected to pay full tuition plus 20% for late fees. To Table of Contents

Donations to the Scholarship Fund

In order to afford our generous scholarship policy, we raise money from many sources including a direct request from our musicians and their families.  If you are able, please consider a donation to help support our generous scholarship policy. Any amount will be greatly appreciated.  You may make your donation when you register and is included in the list of payments on the  registration form. To Table of Contents

Student Vouchers to the Juneau Symphony

We want members of the Juneau Student Symphonies to listen to great music performed by fine orchestras. Recordings provide a great opportunity to do that, however there is nothing to compare with a live performance. Academic year members of the JSS will receive a voucher for a ticket to each of the Juneau Symphony full orchestra (not Showcase) Sunday matinee concerts during the regular season.

To redeem your voucher, simply arrive at the Sunday concert before all of the seats have been sold.  Arriving at 2:30 for a 3:00 concert is usually plenty early.  The volunteers at the "will call" table will be able to help you.  If you want an opportunity to see the Saturday night concert for "free", you can often do that by volunteering to help before and after the concert.  Please arrange this with the Symphony administrator, Sara Radke Brown, a week or so in advance (586-4676 or email). To Table of Contents

University Credit

JSS is working on an agreement with the University of Alaska Southeast to offer one university credit for participation in a rehearsal cycle and concert.  We hope to work this out this year.  Details are still pending. To Table of Contents


Printed orchestra music should be treated with great respect. It is so much more than the paper that it is printed on. It is expensive, it takes a lot of time to organize into folders, each part is necessary for the whole piece to be performed and, most importantly, the music is a work of art.

Please mark your parts as much as needed but use only erasable pencil. Have a pencil and YOUR OWN music at every rehearsal and the concert. Don't rely on anybody else to bring your music for you. After our concert, please return your folder immediately to me so that it can be collated and reshelved. Please understand how important it is to keep our valuable music organized and how time consuming it is to file the music from a single late folder.

JSS music is chosen from student repertoire and easier professional works including concertos with soloists selected from the Juneau Symphony's Youth Concerto Competition.   To Table of Contents

Volunteer Help

In order to realize the goals of this season, we will require some support from ALL families in our orchestral community beyond rehearsals, practice and performances. Here are some ways families may be able to help:

1. Concert Receptions.
    organize servers
    setup and cleanup
    seek donations (from JS) for punch supplies
    obtain serving supplies (punch bowl, ladles, cups, napkins, table cloths)
    Organize orchestra to bring in baked goods
2. Concert setup and strike
    Transport percussion equipment
    Setup audience chairs
    Setup orchestra chairs and stage
3. Music Library
    This job mostly happens in August and April
    Photocopy parts
    Stuff folders
    Keep track of who has what folder
    File music at the end of the season
4. Rehearsal Setup and Strike
    rehearsal space setup and strike - chairs and percussion
5. Grant Grubber
    Identify goals with conductor
    Identify funding sources
    Assist in writing grants
6. Rehearsal Snack Organizer
    Develop and update a snack provider list for rehearsals
    Remind snack providers of their date.
    Setup and cleanup
7. Rehearsal Attendance 
    Attendance followup (Why weren’t you there?)
8. Musician Recruiting
    Develop recruiting materials (poster, cards, phone tree)
    Initiate and maintain contacts with school music teachers
    Assist in scheduling school visits
    Help orchestra recruit among its own friends, family and coworkers
9. Advertising
    Create poster
    Distribute poster
    Schedule radio interviews for each concert of the entire season
    KTOO (Jeff Brown)
    KINY (Sharon Gaiptman)
    KRNN (Mike Price)
        Get the word out on arts calendars: KTOO, JAHC, Capital Copy
    Research new advertisement media such as FaceBook, Twitter, paid radio advertisement,...
10. Secretary
    Collect and record tuition payments
    Create and update contact list (phone and email)
11. Concert Recorder
    Audio recording
    Concert photographs
    Video recording
12. Donations/Program Table
    Setup and strike donations table
    Collect donations
    Count and organize donations
    Pass out programs
    Greet audience

Thank you to the many who have already contributed and who will contribute to the Juneau Student Symphony beyond your music. To Table of Contents


Conductor, Tyree Pini: 500-8239 or email.  

Juneau Symphony executive director, Sara Radke Brown:  586-4676 or email.


Concert Dress
Donation to Scholarship Fund
Participation in School Music
Reading Rehearsals
Scholarships and Payment Plans
University Credit
Volunteer Help
Vouchers for Juneau Symphony Concerts

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