Volunteers at the Juneau Symphony help in a variety of areas including pre-concert setup. ticket sales, ushering, musician hospitality and post-concert receptions. If you are interested in volunteering but unsure of how you’d like to help, please contact the office to discuss what types of jobs fit you best!

Sign Up to Volunteer Now!

Sign-ups are available now to volunteer for the November 2018 concerts.

Click here to sign up for Saturday, November 10

Click here to sign up for Sunday, November 11 

Note: You are not required to create an account in order to sign up, but you do need to provide some basic information, including your name and e-mail address. You will get one e-mail message after you sign up for a volunteer job, confirming what you signed up for. As the date approaches, you will also receive e-mail reminders.

If you need assistance, please contact project coordinator Taylor Mills at taylor@juneausymphony.org or call the office at 586-4676 .

Frequently Asked Questions for Symphony Volunteers

What time do I need to arrive if I’m volunteering at a performance?
1.75 hours before the performance time. For an 8pm Saturday night performance, volunteers should arrive at 6:15pm. For a 3pm Sunday matinee, volunteers should arrive at 1:15pm.

Why so early?
Because our Concert Conversations begin one hour prior to performance time. Audience members will begin to arrive 1.5 hours before performance time. We need to be set up and ready for them.

Who should I report to?
The house manager. They will be in the JDHS Commons or auditorium wearing a name tag that says “House Manager.” After you sign in with them, they will tell you what to do.

What should I wear?
Volunteers should wear business casual clothes unless otherwise directed. For specialty concerts, like on Halloween, dress may change. There is no official color scheme for volunteers. We will provide you with a name tag or pin that says “Symphony Volunteer”.

What compensation will I receive for my service?
The warm fuzzy feeling that comes from a job well done AND free admission for yourself to the event. For pre-concert volunteer time at the office you’ll receive one complimentary concert ticket for two hours of your time or for a specific job completed. For housing a visiting musician for the weekend you’ll receive two complimentary concert tickets.

I have other obligations that prevent me from volunteering on weekends and I cannot afford a Symphony ticket.
While we would like for everyone to enjoy a Symphony concert regardless of income, we cannot hold volunteer spots for people who feel they deserve them more. There are only a set number of volunteer spots at any given concert and there are usually more than that number of people who want them. There are other volunteering opportunities besides staffing concerts that you could try such as helping at the office or moving instruments. There is also pay-as-you-can admission at all mainstage performances.