In Kind

We welcome donations of services and prizes that help with our silent auction, travel raffle and general operation. The benefits for inkind donations are the same as cash donation benefits and are listed on our donor form. All inkind donors will also be listed on our “Business Supporters” program page.

Raffle: Every spring we hold our annual raffle, our largest fundraiser. Past raffle prizes include airline tickets, cruise tickets, hotel rooms and tour excursions. If you would like to donate to our raffle please call the office at 586-4676.

Musician Housing: Each concert our visiting musicians and conductor need places to stay, usually for three nights. If you would like to donate hotel rooms or can provide other travel accomodations in town please call the office at 586-4676.

AlaskaAir miles or Companion Fares: We use Alaska Airlines to transport our conductor, guest artists and guest musicians. You can donate your extra miles by using AlaskaAir’s Miles Transfer program, you can use your miles to buy a full ticket for one of our guest musicians, or you can donate your unused companion fares. We would be happy to discuss all of the options with you. Just give us a call. View details about the Miles Transfer Program at