Mission Statement & Core Values

Mission Statement

The Juneau Symphony is a community-based organization that fosters and creates high-quality musical experiences for youth and adults, contributing to the cultural diversity and vitality of Alaska’s Capital City.

Core Values

INCLUSIVITY.  Music for all.
COLLABORATION.  Community focused. 
EDUCATION.  Growing and supporting musicians. 
RESPECT.  Artistic and cultural.
EXCELLENCE.  High quality music experiences. 

Adopted February 9, 2022
Juneau Symphony Board of Directors

Our Core Values

INCLUSIVITY.  Music for all.  The Juneau Symphony values inclusivity and equity and provides a variety of music that reflects and honors the diversity of our musicians, our audiences, and our community.  We engage with musicians of all backgrounds and abilities through our various programming and produce musical experiences that are accessible and available to all.  We strive to be inclusive in our musical membership, board and staff.

COLLABORATION.  Community focused.  As a community-based organization, the Juneau Symphony brings people and organizations together to create musical experiences that enrich the quality of life in Southeast Alaska.  We collaborate with a diversity of partners—from music educators to business and civic organizations to artistic groups—to foster an enduring appreciation of symphonic music for all audiences.

EDUCATION.  Growing and supporting musicians.  The Juneau Symphony values a lifelong love of music by prioritizing education and development of its musicians, investing in musicians, and producing enriching musical experiences in the community.  We support a diversity of programs for musicians of varying abilities and ages, including summer camps, workshops and classes, school enrichment programs, as well as mainstage, chamber and small ensemble symphonic opportunities.

RESPECT.  Artistic and cultural. We value, welcome, and respect all cultures and artistic expressions and seek to bring diverse musical genres alive through our programming.  We are honored to perform on Lingít Aaní.  In the Juneau Borough, we perform on the homelands of the L’eeneidí and Wooshkeetaan clans of the Áak’w Kwáan and the Yanyeidí and Ishkahittaan clans of the T’aaḵú Ḵwáan.

EXCELLENCE.  High quality music experiences.  The Juneau Symphony strives to be the premier symphonic outlet for musicians and audiences in Alaska’s Capital City.  We inspire, educate, and challenge musicians and audiences through innovative programming and music performed at a high artistic level.

Adopted February 9, 2022
Juneau Symphony Board of Directors