Past Seasons

Juneau Symphony Performance History

 The Juneau Symphony was founded by music teacher Cliff Berge as the Juneau Symphonette in 1962 and first performed in the spring of 1963.  Later known as the Juneau Little Symphony and, after 1970, simply as the Juneau Symphony, the group has usually performed three main stage concerts each year in the autumn, winter and spring, and has frequently toured throughout Southeast Alaska.

Over the years, the Symphony has also sponsored other events and participated with other arts groups.  A Children’s Concert was added in 1980 and since at least the mid 1990s this concert has been incorporated into the schedule of the winter or spring concert which features the winner of the Symphony’s annual youth concerto competition.

For many years, the Symphony performed at graduation ceremonies at the University of Alaska Southeast (UAS or previously UAJ, the University of Alaska – Juneau) and collaborated with the Juneau Lyric Opera.  Since the early 1990s, the Symphony Showcase has allowed members to perform as soloists or in chamber groups.  A summertime pops concert was added in 2001.

Following is a list of known concert dates, locations, and programs compiled by Juneau Symphony board members Greg Williams and Bob King from saved programs, news clippings, and other sources.  The primary venue has been the Juneau-Douglas High School auditorium (JDHS) except where noted.

An asterisk (*) indicates when the soloist performed as winner of the symphony’s student concerto competition.  These student performances were usually limited to a single movement of the concerto.