Social Justice Statement

The Juneau Symphony wishes to express our support of the many black Americans and other groups who are suffering. We remain committed to our mission of fostering and creating high-quality musical experiences that contribute to the cultural diversity and vitality of Alaska’s Capital City and hold to our core values which are centered on the principle of caring for our community.

We have a strong belief in these core values and yet realize our reality does not reflect the diversity we would love to see in our Juneau Symphony family. The Juneau Symphony is committed to growing in our understanding of racial injustices by supporting meaningful change to end racism, and will strive to broaden inclusion within our organization. We pledge to respect all cultures, inviting all to join in the shared joy of music, and will continue to work toward inclusivity for the health and vibrancy of our community.

Core Values: I CARE

Inclusive (music for all),
Collaborative (community focused),
Advocacy (growing the next generation of musicians),
Respect (artistic and cultural)
Excellence (high-quality/education)

Adopted February 2019

We echo the sentiments in the statement below offered by the League of American Orchestras: 

League Statement on Racial Injustice, June 1, 2020

“In the face of ceaseless intolerance, hatred, and violence against African Americans in our country, historically and currently, we are impelled to reaffirm that we value all Black lives. Our colleagues of color—and many communities served by the orchestras we represent—are living with deep pain and fear, subjected to the threat of police violence, to the risks inherent in serving as essential workers in a time of crisis, and to ongoing oppression in a society scarred by racism. There is an urgent need for White people and predominantly White organizations to do the work of uprooting this racism. We recognize that for decades, in our role as a national association and voice for orchestras, we have tolerated and perpetuated systemic discrimination against Black people, discrimination mirrored in the practices of orchestras and throughout our country. And while we have called the field’s attention to the need for change and provided resources to support that work, we struggle to move as quickly as we should to align practices with our stated beliefs.

There is a gap between our espoused desire to serve communities and our readiness to confront racism. Closing that gap must be our work going forward. And as such, we are committed to dismantling our own racism and our role in perpetuating the systems of inequity that continue to oppress Black people. We stand ready to listen, learn, take action, and support you.”

We welcome your feedback.

Stan Lujan, President

Beth Pendleton, Vice President
Charlotte Truitt, Executive Director
Board of Directors and Staff