If you know Troy Quinn, you know that our conductor is not only a huge John Williams fan, he is also a Star Wars fanatic.  In fact, our final concert of the season on June 10th and 11th  will celebrate the works of this master of Hollywood film scores. You can count on plenty of Star Wars music, including The Force Awakens; plus we will also be performing music from other John Williams films including Indiana Jones, Home Alone (including a choral piece with Alaska Youth Choir), Lincoln, Far and Away, The Patriot, Hook, and ET.

Juneau’s Jedi Knights will play a key role in helping us present this exciting concert, which will be costly to produce. Not only is the music very expensive, we will be flying in some very special players to help out, including Hollywood studio musicians who have recorded this music for the actual films. Income from the Jedi Knights will go directly to supporting this concert.

How can you join Juneau’s Jedi Knights? It’s easy. Look for a special table in the JDHS lobby at the spring concert. We will also be at Community Day at UAS on Saturday, May 20th. When you donate $100 or more to our special fund to support the pops concert, you will automatically be enrolled in the Jedi Knights and be on the list to receive a very special mug, complete with a picture of Troy and Yoda, to commemorate your membership.

OR contact the office and we will be happy to enroll you.